Cloud eMail – Google App


The cloud email service complements the backup and hosting services that we  offer to our customers. Email is the most used tool in the business industry and if it doesn’t work for a few hours not only you cannot contact your customers and potential customers, but you cannot acces the documents and files sent through email. Cloud service is gaining more ground in business industry, small and large companies worldwide turning to keep and securely access data from all devices.

With our new cloud email service, our customers have access to all the data received by email, even if it is photos, images, important documents or video clips, at any time. All these files can be uploaded or downloaded directly from smartphone, iOS or android tablet, laptop or computer. The safety using Cloud eMail through Google Gmail is confirmed by the Google experts who say that functionality level rises up to 90 – 95%. At this Google guarantee is added our experience, technical expertise and our abilities to create a successful business, whose data are completely secure.