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DirektHost is a professional web hosting service provided by DOW MEDIA. Active since 2004, DirektHost has been developing with technology and it has been keeping up with the latest trends in the online world through constant investment in Internet performance equipment that can provide the best uptime traffic at peak times, such as the discounts periods around holidays or on Black Friday.

The web hosting services we provide relies on a powerful technology which guarantee high stability. The servers distribution strategy also contributes to this stability factor. We have chosen some of the best server centers in the world as an essential step in guaranteeing the stability of the provided services. Our servers are located in the UK, Germany, Romania and also in the United States.

Whether it is a presentation website or an online store, they need stability. They must be available to potential clients 24/7, so that the company can respond quickly when it receives an offer request or when a customer wants to buy a certain product or service. A professional web hosting service has a decisive contribution to both the reliability and the profitability of a website.

The reliability of their technology is complemented by a prompt technical support. Our specialists quickly intervene if a problem occurs, so that our customers’ websites are available and profitable.